A Geological Overview: Origin of the Pacific Islands

We are always amazed and in awe of how the earth was formed and even though it continually revolves around the sun we cannot feel that it is moving even for a second. How wonderful it is that there is the speed of light that travels around the earth. Nature has limitless beauty and majesty that people are very curious about it. Every year new places and undiscovered facts come to light and are published and put in documentary for people to know and understand.

One of the natures gift is the famous Pacific Ocean. It was formed very long time ago by the nature’s natural movement and reaction until it was discovered. Many has contributed to its existence like the moving of the earth’s plates and chain of reaction of volcanic islands as a result of fracture propagation or mantle plumes. It is circled by trenches called the ring of fire. Many active volcanoes exist their and it is also an earthquake zone. That’s why its size, depth and territory is not permanent.

It is surprising that there are fixed activities of the earth, as if done with like the sun always rise from the east and sets on the west, evening comes and then morning, the week starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday, and the clock always move per second. Their are also the constant change in our environment whether small that is not easily notice like the movement of the seafloor and noticeable event like the melting of the iceberg.