Effect of earthquake in the Pacific Ocean

Earthquake is not a good word to hear or an event to take place. Human beings are afraid of earthquakes and it has been existing long time ago. It has brought damage to people’s lives, home, workplaces or anything that it touches. Once you feel the earth shaking you know that there’s an earthquake happening. Does they feel stronger when in the sea or land? Earthquake are not predictable always and thus cannot be avoided or prevented. It is a natural disaster that just happen to thus earth.

How does earthquake happen? Constantly moving plates on the earth create tensions when they shift and make the crust to break. When it breaks it produces stress that are produced as energy and moves around the world causing earthquakes.

Here are list of some of the earthquake effects in the Pacific Ocean.

The day of the earth was shortened as light disappear sooner.

Gravity is altered.

The atmosphere was disturbed.

The iceberg in the Antarctic was broken and it sped up the ice stream.

It triggered smaller long or short time quakes.

There were cracks on the seafloor created.

There are other effects of earthquakes on the earth and in human beings. There are changes on the earth’s functions and change in the peoples mind and heart. When not much is discovered like 宏閩people just assume things and imagine what they did not know. Now many amazing researches and experiments have been made that allows us to understand the earth we live in.