Information on South Pacific Ocean Volcanoes

Volcanoes are interesting, they can stay dormant for long years then suddenly become active and is about to explode. What will happen if all those dormant volcanoes will become active?

Thousands of volcanoes exist on the earth scattered in different places but most volcanoes whether dormant or active are placed in the South Pacific Ocean. Though the ocean seems very beautiful and peaceful but what lies inside is a disappointment. It contains many dormant and active volcanoes that can cause earthquakes that affect the earth whether small earthquake or big.

They say there are about fifty earthquakes that happen every day. Many of it are small and we do not feel it. An earthquake exceeding 7.1 magnitude is considered strong earthquake and the 3.0 magnitude cannot even be felt. Aftershocks happen after these earthquakes. Even though thousands of earthquake have happened the earth is still standing to support life. But many lives were also claimed by this earthquakes. Hundreds to thousands die due to earthquakes around the world click thisĀ search engine optimization.There are those strongest earthquake that have been recorded in history.

One of them is the earthquake with 9.1 magnitude that happened in China that claim up to million life. It seems world war have happened due to the number of lives lost to the earthquake. Even if we prepare many things to avoid this kind of disaster by the aides of technology that predicts or trace the happening of earthquakes we cannot escape from it becauseĀ that doesn’t ensure its success.