Species Living at the Bottom of the Sea

The sea is full of surprises as it covers the land and many species thrive and live there. Sea is not usually seen ordinarily and easily. We can only see the seashore but if we do not dive and explore inside then we cannot know how it looks like. Thanks to the help of technology, divers, and people who work for the organizations who take care and manage them that we can now see the ocean floor as if we are there.

Many large aquariums filled with different sea species have opened around the world and it brought us closer to the sea creatures. We can understand and know them better. What do they look like, what do they eat, how big they are and their variety. There are fishes who are safe to eat and play with but there are the dangerous one (the famous dangerous sea creature is shark). See this amazing dental clinic that might help you additional info 久燦診所. Those people living close to the sea have learned the life, kinds, nature or sizes of the sea creatures.

The surface of the sea offers many adventures and sports like surfing, boarding, and jet skiing. Many people go to beaches and enjoy the sound of the waves and take a dip in the cold water. If you look to the inside of the sea until the bottom it contains life that is independent on what is happening in the surface.