The Knowledge of Knowing Ocean Trench

Many people do not have much knowledge of the ocean floor trench though it has been explored, studied, and talked about many times. Brains do not store information that it does not want to understand or lazy to process so people can just forget things though they have just listened or watched it. Scientific information can now be more easily understood as they were presented in short videos, movies, documentaries and other forms of media productions.  We can now understand more in simple way about the earth, living things, etc.

The ocean trench are the natural deepest parts of the world. They are long and narrow depressions existed on the seafloor and they are usually found in every basin of the ocean on this earth. The deepest trenches that circles the Pacific is the part called ring of fire and it includes earthquake zones and active volcanoes. Ocean trenches are formed by tectonic activity undergoing a process called subduction and thus creating a trench.

Ocean trenches occupies the hadalpelagic zone or the deepest part of the ocean and become the unique places of living organisms on earth due to its lack of sunlight, frigid temperatures and intense pressure. If we can see it with our own eyes then we can appreciate how beautiful and amazing it is. It is a place created and formed through natural activity and it is more encouraging for one student I know to learn rather cad that she says give her headache.